Stavechurch Tour

Join our tour and discover 900 years of history with local guides!

Undredal Stave Church was built in the year 1147. Our church is Norway’s smallest church, still in use, with only 40 seats. Disney´s first film of Frozen was ispired by our small village and our church.

- Prebooked entrance witout guiding NOK 80,- pr.person (20 minutes)

- Prebooked entrance with guiding NOK 100,- pr.person (20-30 minutes)

Village Tour

Experience a scenic walk in Undredal, from our fjord, along a river up to our historic stavechurch!

Join us as we explore Undredal center on this in-depth village walking tour. Our local guides will tell you stories and our history.

- Prebooked guided walk NOK 50,- pr.person (45 minutes)

- Minimum 4 persons in a tour

Historic Tour

We offer a small walk along Aurlandsfjord, spectacular view all the way!

Starting with a VIP guided tour in our Stavechurch, built year 1147


- Tour starts outside Undredal Stavechurch

- Guided privat tour inside Undredal Stavechurch  

- A short hike along the fjord, passing 2 farms.

- Our guide will tell you about our life now, and before we got a road connected. You are also able to know how we make our famous cheeses, and how to be a farmer in this landscape

- Time: 1 hour 15 mins

- Price: NOK 420,- pr PAX (minimum 4 PAX)

- Prebooked tour

Exclusive Tour

Our exclusive guided tour starts in the center of Undredal. On our way we will tell you about the life in Undredal, how to be a farmer in this landscape and our history.

- You will get a guided VIP tour inside our Stavechurch built 1147.

- A short hike along the fjord, passing 2 farms.

- Your tour will end in Undredal Café to taste our famous cheeses

- Time: 2 hours

- Price: NOK 820,- pr. PAX (minimum 4 PAX)

- Prebooked tour

Rental SUP-boards

2 hours NOK 350,-

Includes SUP-board and vest

We got total of 10 SUP-boards